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Airport Charles de Gaulle / Paris

Star Alliance / Business Lounge

Transforming the lounges of Star Alliance proved a welcome challenge. My intention was to create an environment, which would not only provide an air of tasteful ambience for the guest but give an international feel with a touch of local identity.

Upon arrival at Charles de Gaulle airport, one has not reached his or her destination. The sign may read: ‘Arrivals’, but one hasn’t actually arrived anywhere. You’re either passing through or you’re about to depart. The people you see are travellers on a continuing journey. An airport is, in fact, a transit area. Among other public spaces. The speed of flight slows down into a more pleasurable and familiar pace.

The passenger departing takes with him a memorable moment of Parisian glamour, sophistication, and charming hospitality. Once landed the traveller’s need to feel grounded in earthly comfort is fully accommodated. The traveller is welcomed into an ambience similar to that of a boutique hotel. Despite being at an airport, the arriving passenger enjoys a warm sense of safe homecoming.

Barzileye Design invites the traveller to relax, refresh and revitalise before continuing their journey. Paris evokes an almost palpable nostalgia of glamour and romance. In reality, it is a unique world where the past and the present are inextricably,and delightfully, intertwined. Barzileye Design wishes to highlight this union. Baron Haussmann’s transformation of a medieval city into the Paris we know today, inspired Barzileye Design to evoke the expansive grandeur of his vision and recreate its elegance. A central island echoes the Ile de la Cité.

The aerial pattern created by the twenty clockwise-spiralling arrondissements dividing Paris was Barzileye’s inspiration for the floorplan design. Thus viewed from above, one can observe a natural, circular layout composed of public space and various, more sheltered areas allowing for privacy. Boulevards and the cell-like pattern of arrondissements are mirrored in the business lounge. Each area accommodates the traveller’s needs: a refuge for quiet relaxation, a comfortable corner to read or work on a laptop, areas to enjoy some refreshment or to visit the buffet. Having just arrived, the traveller can experience a preliminary taste of Paris, and the departing passenger can linger in the afterglow of his or her visit. The floorplan has an organic feel, much resembling voronoi cells or sections of a honeycomb, which create a congenial atmosphere of warmth and comfort in a protected, and safe environment. It encompasses communal, open spaces, and ones more private enabling confidential meetings or restful areas for concentration and work.

The entrance and the 1st Class Lounge are othe top floor and the stairs descend to the lower floor Business Lounge The challenge of this business lounge was the very low ceiling that could not be changed. To focus more on the width, using mirrors on the sidewalls, the space became more open. The beams are spray painted semi-gloss white. The buffets in all the lounges play an important role. They became an eyecather, organic in form and beautifully made out of corian they attract the customer for a full Food and Beverage experience.

Client: Star Alliance
Area: First Class Lounge / Level 11
Interior Architect: Barzileye Concept & Design
Location: Charles de Gaulle Airport
Year: 2014 Floor Area Total 900m2 (incl. Business Lounge)
Interior Contractor: INTOS / www.intos.nl
Photography: www.cedric-doux-photographe.fr / www.michaellevyphoto.com
Construction/Design:  Simone Borsato / www.siboexperience.it
Graphic Design:  Petra Hart / www.petrahart.com