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Hilton bar Spark

Coctail Bar / The Hague

Transforming the existing Hilton Bar proved a welcome challenge. My intention was to create an environment, which would not only provide an air of tasteful ambience for the hotel guest, but would also attract the passerby.The interior design style needed to differ from that of the hotel itself, thereby giving the bar its own individual character. Images that sprang to mind were reminiscent of 1950’s Italian cinema, scenes shot among stylish vintage decors.Interspersed with casual Italian American chic give the bar that alluring movie magic.Nothing too slick, but classy nevertheless. The mosaic wall displaying a playful contrast of natural stone and copper glazed tiles, together with the glass shelving individually lighted with LED Technology creates an intriguing effect. The side tables of the bar are inlaid with the same mosaic, which is coated with resin. The design for the dining tables was inspired by American Retro patchwork patterns.