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Lichtobject Arti L.


Opdrachtgever: DEP Nederland B.V.
Jaar: 2012
Fotografie: Victor van Leeuwen / LevendEcht

Designing this light fixture was de-LIGHT-ful! Barzileye designed this ight fixture for a private museum, ARTI LEGI. The idea that quickly sprang to mind was to copy the form of the void and to reproduce it in varying sizes, giving the mystical impression of flight through the ceiling. The frames are made of steel and LED strips are professionally integrated with the frame following the form. The execution of this custom made lamp was truly phenomenal! DP is has proven expertise in manufacturing and engineering light fixtures. An excellent and thoroughly satisfying collaboration. Would love to design more light fixtures. For more info: Angelika Barzilay (www.barzileye.com)