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Holland America Line

SS Volendam / Zaandam

Opdrachtgever: VFD Architects / Utrecht
Jaar: 1997
Architekt: F. Dingemans
Interieurarchitect /styling : Angelika Kok

As a young designer fresh out of art school, I was thrilled to have landed a job with VFD Architects. Working for the creators of the corporate image of the Holland American Line cruise ships proved both demanding and rewarding. I can only express heartfelt gratitude to Frans Dingemans for his strict but brilliant leadership and guidance.

My years at art school were, by comparison, child’s play. I was expected to learn all details and drawing by heart. The going was tough. The projects were complex. Responsibility for the styling of the interior public spaces proved challenging, principally because a cruise ship knows no beginning and no end. Moreover, each individual space had to have a clear identity.

My career began with the cruise ships. The experience gained, has been of undeniable value to me and had paved the way for the successful realisation of future projects.