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Hilton Den Haag


Opdrachtgever: Hilton / OG Vastgoed
Jaar: 2009 -2011
Foto achtergrond: Joan van Nispen tot Sevenaer

The high spaced atrium with daylight streaming from above has the Scheveningen landscape as its theme. The Hague brook, which flows from the dunes to the city, provided water for the Hofvijver Courts Pond, located next to the Binnenhof (site of Dutch Parliament). The Hilton Hotel is built where the brook flows underground. This fact is translated as a put (well) in the middle of the atrium.

A.K. The Hague is built on sand and peat.  Sand, which in earlier times, was preferred by the wealthy and inferred status, is what the Hilton is built on.  By choosing colours and materials evocative of sand, I wanted to create the feeling of dunes. In fact, the idea was to plant marram grass but, as it doesnt grow indoors, we opted for the artificial variation. It looks amazingly real with the extra advantage of being easy to maintain. ICE carpets delivered the carpets, which I designed myself and had made in Nepal.
The couches upholstered in varying tones of green, and the low, salon tables with inlaid leaves of shell-veneer, are referrals to the sea. The sand coloured wall with the ribbed structure gives one the impression of the sea at low tide.
A.K. The wall, made of water-soluble plaster, comes from England. A wonderful and unexpected surprise was that, because of the incoming light, the marram grass print on the glass balustrade opposite casts its shadow onto the wall. A real gift!