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About Barzileye

My Italian ancestors were the inspiration for the name: ‘Barzileye’ The Barzilays were a Sephardic Jewish family from Venice who, at the close of the 18th Century, settled in the Jordaan quarter of Amsterdam. They were cigar traders.

The meaning of the word, Barzilay is: ‘iron strong’. Fortified by the powerful meaning and in honour of family roots, I plucked up the courage to start my own business. In order to add a personal touch, Barzilay became: Barzileye.

It is vision that counts and not only the simple perception of aesthetic forms – the ability to sense what the naked eye is yet unable to see.

My approach to the challenge of finding the true identity of a project entails intensive and extensive research. I delve deep into its cultural, geographical, historical and literary origins. Listening to the needs and ideas of the client is imperative. This gives birth to words and images. The plan starts to take shape. Every detail is taken into consideration. By collaborating with highly trained experts, new state of the art technology skilfully weaves the past into the future with surprisingly innovative results. Vision and daring are the vehicles that transport a concept towards design and finally through to realisation.

My aim is always to present the client with a full package of tailor-made drawings and specifications.  

Angelika Barzilay